A Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant

If you’re one of those people who can’t sit in one spot for too long and loves to travel then you might consider looking into a career as a flight attendant. Flight attendants and individuals in other airline customer service careers enjoy a stable and rewarding job, the opportunity to travel the globe, and a new and vibrant experience every day. So what’s it like being a flight attendant, you may ask? Well here’s what your typical day is going to look like.


Your Assignment

The day of a flight attendant typically starts – after waking up, having some much needed coffee and breakfast, that is – with the flight assignment. If you’re a relatively new hire in the company, you’ll most likely be what is referred to in the industry as a “reserve” flight attendant. This means that you’re not necessarily going to know when you’re flying or where until you get a call – you’re basically on standby, something that a hospitality and tourism course would touch on, so it won’t necessarily come as a surprise. However, as you work your way up, you’ll become a “line” flight attendant, where usually you’ll get your schedule about a month in advance. After you get your assignment and are told how long your trip will be and to where, you’ll get ready and then head down to the airport.

Check In

Arriving at the airport, you’ll head down to the crew room in the airport and check in for your trip. This usually involves signing into a software program and inputting some information. You should always sign in at least an hour before the trip departs, often sooner is better. After this, you’ll head down to the plane.

Boarding and Pre-Flight

As passengers board, you’ll help guide them to where they’re sitting, help them with their luggage and any other things that might need accommodating. This is also when you’ll be getting drinks for first class passengers and demonstrating safety procedures, if those tasks are delegated to you.


During the flight, if it’s your task for the day, you’ll be making announcements, as well as answering to any questions or needs passengers might have, including drinks, food, pillows and more. Your job will be to keep passengers as comfortable and content as possible. You’ll also assist in preparing and serving meals, as well as ensuring there is no smoking or otherwise lewd behavior on the flight.

Landing and Disembarking

Upon landing, you’ll assist passengers by making announcements about arrival times, the weather in the city you’re landing in, and more. After, you’ll help passengers disembark and wish them a great day. Now that the flight is over, if you’re done your trip, you’ll head to a hotel and get some rest, a bit weary and hoping the staff have excelled in their hotel management programs. If not, then you’ll either be hopping on another flight, or resting up until the next leg of your journey.

Multifaceted and exiting, the life of a flight attendant is never dull, so if you’ve always wanted to see the world, this could be the ideal career for you.

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