When Outside is in You – II

When Outside is in You - IIIt is just so great when you are driven to do something. Driven in a way, which is almost beyond you, beyond your pros and cons list, beyond your five-year plan.  I remember as a boy, waking up in the early morning to get to the lake for dawn, thus maximizing the chance to have a large mouth bass smash and take my surface bait.  At the time, me and my fishing friends were all simply beyond ourselves, as we dragged ourselves out of bed, pulled by the excitement of early morning fishing.

I enjoy this type of focus and obsession within outdoor recreation. There is a palpable energy of involvement this time of year when everywhere you look, you see sporting gear on cars and people out enjoying themselves.

The long-range weather forecast indicates that we are in for a hot, dry summer.  This may be an added bonus, but it won’t matter for those who are driven by something bigger than they are. For these people, outside is in them and they are going to do whatever it takes to get more sessions, more time or more experiences within their chosen pursuits. You may be them or you may know them, but whatever the case,  just step back and let the unstoppable passion unfold.

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