The Salmon are Coming

The Salmon are Coming

The salmon are coming:

Many indicators and forecasts predict an epic and historic salmon run for the Northwest coast. Rumors have it that boats in Alaska for commercial and recreational fishing have been coming in quickly, full of large salmon. It is believed that the number of Jack salmon recorded can be a strong indicator of the next year’s run. The Jack Salmon (a sexually mature male salmon who returns one year early) numbers recorded last year were very large indeed, leading us to think that millions of salmon are destined for our rivers.

The predications could be wrong, but as more and more time goes by it seems very plausible that the run will be huge! This story by Mark Hume in the Globe and Mail provides great perspectives.

It is a good time to get out  and fish with a local charter (Fishing Charters), or get down to the river and see the fish (Viewing Salmon).

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