2015 Hotel Bathroom Trends

For decades, the hotel bathroom has served only as a functional space. However, recently this space has begun to evolve from a small room containing only the basics, to a much larger and more luxurious space that can best be described as an “escape” all on its own. Graduates of hotel management schools know that this trend is only expected to grow in the next few years. In fact, industry experts have already begun reinventing their hotel bathrooms to meet the demands of their guests. If you plan to pursue hospitality business management, you’ll want to keep your eye on some of these trending hotel bathroom designs, because you might find yourself borrowing a few ideas once you break into the industry.

In-Room Spa Amenities

Everyone needs a little pampering once in awhile, and a wellness spa is the place that many will typically turn to when they are seeking a stress-free and relaxing environment. However, day-spas can become very pricy and visiting them regularly can also take up a lot of time that most people just don’t have. Some hospitality industry professionals have taken this bit of information into consideration when revamping or completely renovating their hotel washrooms, and as a result they have created spa-like environments. Spa-inspired washrooms normally comprise of the basic amenities that can be found in any spa, these include; steam shower rooms, whirlpool baths, hot tubs, and even saunas. Including spa-like attributes into hotel rooms has, not surprisingly, already grown immensely popular in the last few years, and this popularity is only expected to increase –because really, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the luxuries that a spa provides, but without the hassle of even having to leave the hotel room?

Walk-In Showers

Some experts holding hotel management diplomas have taken style inspiration from the walk-in closet when designing their hotel washrooms, and have designed the ultimate shower. The walk-in shower is a large, luxurious and open concept space that has both a handheld shower-head, as well as a built-in overhead rain shower. Industry professionals know that when people stay in a hotel, they expect great service, clean and comfortable rooms and unique amenities and designs. So, it’s important for hoteliers to stay on top of the latest trends and continuously make changes to accommodate their guests. While walk-in showers have in fact existed for quite some time, they have only recently begun to gain recognition in the hospitality industry, and this trend is expected to grow.

Natural Materials

Using natural materials is one way that hotel industry experts can achieve a relaxing spa-like atmosphere, but without having to spend tons of money on expensive luxury spa amenities, like rain showers and saunas. Travellers can expect to see more hotel bathrooms decorated with natural materials like worn, rugged wood, stone and slate in the near future. Bathrooms that are designed using natural materials create a very relaxing atmosphere. So, by simply adding wood decorative detailing, greenery and perhaps a relaxing bath tub, hotel professionals can provide their guests with a comfortable and enjoyable spa-influenced experience.

What unique hotel washroom designs have you seen lately?

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