Specialty Travel Agents: Catering to Unique Markets

Senior couple, The internet is a great tool for travellers looking to explore their options when deciding on new places to visit. While some people are satisfied with standard travel packages, many of the predetermined tours that are typically offered with these packages tend to miss the mark for travellers with specific interests. In response to a recent demand for vacations that suit the interests of more specialized and unique markets, many tour companies and travel agents have begun developing specialty tours. These are tours and trips that are designed for the traveller who would prefer to see a play or visit the opera rather than visit the Colosseum, or a traveller who wants music festival tours instead of wine tasting tours.

Whether you plan to pursue a travel and tourism diploma to become a travel agent, a tour guide or a tour organizer, specialty travel is one trend you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on. Read on to learn more about some of the markets that many specialty travel agents are focusing on today.

Senior Travel

Considering the ageing populations of many Western countries, it is not surprising that the baby boomer generation makes up one of the largest travel and tourism target markets in the world. Not only are baby boomers among the wealthiest generation, they are also quickly entering retirement age, which means that they have time to travel the world and visit new and exciting places. Professionals with tourism training have clearly noticed this trend, because many have begun specializing in planning vacations that cater specifically to seniors.

Travel agents and agencies that focus on senior travel typically offer vacation packages that are designed exclusively for people over the age of 50. These trips consist of a wide range of fun activities such as nature walks through Asia, light hiking trips through the Rockies or Himalayas, and even expeditions to the Arctic. The best part about trips that are designed only for seniors is that they typically accommodate only smaller groups of people, and everyone that is travelling together shares similar interests.


Music Festivals and Concerts

Just as there are companies that specialize in catering to senior travel, there are also ones that build trips and vacations around music festivals. Especially during the summer season, music buffs tend to gather together to see their favourite musicians perform live at festivals like Osheaga in Montreal, Coachella in California and Groovefest in the Dominican Republic. However, travelling far distances for concerts and festivals can become quite expensive and time consuming, and graduates of tourism colleges have clearly taken note of this. In fact, music-lovers can actually contact music festival agents to help plan their trip to any approaching festivals. And, the best part is that because of the high demand, agencies now offer great deals which come at a much cheaper cost than if the traveller were to plan the trip all on their own!

Do you know of any agencies that cater to travellers with unique interests?

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