Find Out Why These Airlines Offer Some of the Best First-Class Seats in the World

travel and tourismImagine an aircraft that has passengers lounging in massage chairs as it glides across the Atlantic. The flight is long, so from time to time travellers might wander off to take a shower, or perhaps visit the spa, before drifting back into the full-sized bedrooms in their private suites.

This kind of air travel is not a fantasy anymore. Travel professionals know that some airlines are actually offering such services to their first class flyers. In fact, working for the right airline might have you surrounded by five-star hotel standards.

If you are planning to enroll in airline flight attendant courses, or you have already started your program, read on to learn which airlines have taken first class travel to an entirely new level.

Emirates Airlines: Air Service Innovation

Emirates’ first-class suites are world-renowned for pushing the boundaries of luxury in air travel. The airline introduced the world’s first in-flight showers, private suites, and the now-popular train cabin airbus design.

Emirates Airline’s  A380, A340-500, and Boeing 777 all feature suites with their own sliding privacy doors, LED widescreens, mini-bars and vanities, plus a spa, a lounge, and a dressing room.  As for the looks, everything – down to the lampshades – is marbled and trimmed in gold.

Each Emirates airline flight attendant provides absolute VIP attention to passengers and an impeccable service which has earned the airline praise worldwide.

Japan Airlines’ Sleek Sky Suite

Technically Japan Airlines calls the Sky Suites aboard its 777s “business class,” but its unparalleled minimalist luxury is pure pleasure. With clean lines, hardwood detailing and a neutral colour palette, the Sky Suite is about as feng shui as an air cabin can get. Travellers find their zen on a convertible mattress with options for their preferred firmness.

Passengers now expect details with a certain refinement from air travel, even when it is a business-class trip. And with more passengers flying long distance on high-priority seats, the demand for airline customer service careers  is higher than ever.

JetBlue Mint: Luxury Travel at Reasonable Rates

Domestic Airlines aren’t usually as extravagant as internationals, but JetBlue is the exception to the rule. Its Mint Premium cabin, introduced only last year, offers the best first-class experience that a traveller can get for tickets starting at about $1,000 each way.

Innovative design turns Mint’s first-class seats into their own privacy cubicles and firmness-customizable lie-flat beds. In addition, the seats themselves also double as massage chairs. WiFi and live television streaming help make this the most luxurious machine air employees and flyers are likely to encounter in North America.

Singapore A380: Iconic Airline Customer Service

Taking luxury to new heights, Singapore Airlines’ A380 interiors are the work of a luxury yacht designer. The cabin seats were hand-stitched by master craftsmen: they’re plush Italian leather armchairs.

Working aboard are the “Singapore Girls,” elite hospitality staff with famous reputations. They are flight attendants with unparalleled service skills, dressed in Singapore’s colourfully intricate “Sarong Kebaya.” Singapore Girls have been honoured with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award as well as a Madame Tussauds wax figure in their image.

While one might think that Singapore Airlines A380s could not get any better, it is already in the process of upgrading its first-class cabins in order to keep up with Etihad Airways’ latest release.

Etihad Airways: The Industry Elite

A private suite hardly compares to a flying full-service three-room apartment, which Etihad Airways offers on its flights. The Etihad Residence is a 5-star “apartment” that’s offered to first class Etihad flyers. In addition to the apartment-like space, a Residence passenger is also provided with gourmet meals served up by a private chef, a concierge to optimize departure and arrival, and a personal butler!

Check out this video for a look at the Etihad A380:

The Etihad Residence is quite pricy, at $18,000, but Etihad’s CCO Peter Baumgartner says it’s all part of “ushering in a new era of luxury travel in commercial aviation.”

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