Learn How TripAdvisor Might Soon Become an Online Booking Leader

One of TripAdvisor’s main goals in 2015 was to launch a successful booking feature on its website. As of this summer, that dream has come true. With the launch of this feature (in partnership with Marriott Hotels), TripAdvisor is now a main competitor to high-ranking websites like Expedia and Booking.com. Even though the company has just begun this new venture, TripAdvisor is already announcing future expansion plans for its company and brand.

Read on to learn more about TripAdvisor’s new online booking feature, and how this review website is quickly becoming a lead merchant in the hotel and hospitality industry.

Who is TripAdvisor?

Before venturing into the hotel booking business, TripAdvisor was primarily a website that hotel users could turn to in order to leave online reviews about their vacation lodgings. These reviews would help other travellers know what to expect out of their stay, and also help hotel owners improve their accommodations. The website also offers a forum for travellers to discuss their favourite hotels, the best restaurants to eat at in the area, and what activities are best for travellers. In 2011, TripAdvisor became the world’s largest travel website with 280 million unique visitors every month.

In 2014, TripAdvisor decided to make its website more convenient for travellers by collaborating with hotel and resort companies in order to create its very own booking feature.

TripAdvisor Signs Marriott-brand Hotels

Marriott is one of the largest hotel brands in the U.S., having just opened their 4,000th hotel in January of 2014. Just this year, TripAdvisor struck a deal with the famous hotel brand to allow website visitors to book Marriott hotels right through the TripAdvisor app. This partnership has already led to a skyrocket in TripAdvisor’s market shares, and increased conversions of “lookers” to “bookers”. With the Marriott deal, TripAdvisor now has some of the biggest hotel chains as Instant Booking Partners, including Accor, Best Western and Choice Hotels. TripAdvisor is also signing other independent hotel chains that are well-known in the hotel management industry, such as Trump Towers, Citizen M and Row NYC.

TripAdvisor Changes Their Website to Become a Hotel Merchant

TripAdvisor has been a long-standing leader in the travel hospitality industry. While its website is often used for travellers to review and post or view photos of lodgings, TripAdvisor is now making major changes as it ventures into the merchant business.

Since July of 2015, TripAdvisor’s home page has been filled with all of the top hotels in Chicago and New York, all with the option to book straight from the TripAdvisor website. According to the popular travel website, 235,000 of the hotels it lists can now be booked directly through TripAdvisor. This saves travellers the fuss of having to search for bookings online through other third party booking websites.

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