What Millennials Look for in Hotels: A Guide for Hospitality College Students

A Guide for Hospitality College Students

Millennials are members of today’s population born between 1982 and 2000. You might even be a Millennial yourself. Believe it or not, more and more young adults are spending money on hotels in Canada and abroad, making knowledge of what Millennials want increasingly important to the tourism industry.

If you pursue a career in hospitality business management, this knowledge will help you on your way. Along with securing yourself a rewarding job in the tourism industry, you’ll become responsible for keeping guests happy and tourism destinations thriving—a task made easier when you’re familiar with the needs of the Millennials signing your guest book.

Here are the top 4 things Millennial guests and tourists are looking for:

1. WiFi: A Modern Essential to Hospitality Business Management

Offering WiFi in hotels today is almost a no-brainer. Most Millennials are rarely unplugged from their phones, laptops, or mobile devices, and for good reason: the internet is home to work, study, and social resources, 24/7.

And offering WiFi at a hotel can benefit its owners and management team, too. Having guests automatically load the hotel’s landing page when they open a free WiFi browser boosts a hotel’s page views, inching it higher up future hotel search results with every click. Some hotels even take this to the next level by offering guests hotel-specific apps (like Virgin Hotels and Marriot International).

Access to the web is the main way Millennial tourists share pictures of their travels.

Access to the web is the main way Millennial tourists share pictures of their travels.

2. Cheap Deals from Budget-Savvy Hospitality Business Management Pros

The hospitality business management world is different than it was as little as five years ago, and changing day by day. If fairly priced and comfortable hotel options aren’t available, Millennials can now turn to competitors like AirBnB and even CouchSurfer.com as hospitality alternatives.

That’s why it’s important to understand budgeting and setting fair rates as a hospitality business manager. The right training will teach you all about rate expectations and even managerial accounting techniques to keep your business truly financially viable.

3. Technology Integrated Throughout the Booking Process

While some people may not feel comfortable navigating new software programs, especially when financial transactions are involved, the majority of Millennials don’t have this problem. Studies show most Millennials rank far above average when it comes to technology adoption.

The right hospitality colleges provide students with training that prepares them to fill this need. At CTC, for example, students get hands-on experience with cutting-edge software like HotelLinks—a progressive front office software system used by leading hotels worldwide.

By offering digital options for booking and check-ins, modern hotels and resorts can accelerate a Millennial guest’s process of getting settled into a hotel room—their ultimate short-term goal.

4. Excellent Customer Service from Grads of Hospitality Colleges

“I would prefer to go straight to my room and not need anyone to bother me at all with the check in process.  This sort of hands off approach though is not the case when I have an issue,” says Millennial writer Sam Trotter. “When there is something amiss I want it fixed immediately or to be able to talk with someone right away.”

He says he finds himself visiting social media sites like Twitter when he experiences poor service to broadcast his experience to the word—a hospitality business manager’s nightmare.

Even younger Millennial children of guests can have their say on online hotel review sites

Even younger Millennial children of guests can have their say on online hotel review sites

Millennials often use social media and resources like TripAdvisor and Yelp not only to find a hotel, but to leave reviews about it online. Hospitality courses teach students to leave memorable positive impressions that make for good reviews.

With this training, you’ll have everything you need to support Millennial customers with technology integration, fair pricing, and good service. You’ll be on-track to a rewarding, secure hospitality business career in no time.

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