Top Success Tips for Home-Based Travel Agents

travel and tourismIf you have a genuine desire to see the world and enjoy meeting new people, consider becoming part of the fast-paced, world-class travel and tourism industry! You’d make a great fit as one of the well-travelled experts who connects people with an array of deals and destinations, from professional travel agency offices and even the comfort of their own homes.

When all you need is an internet connection and a phone signal to keep in touch with your clients, it’s possible to set up an effective workspace anywhere from your living room to a local café to a beachside resort.

However, with this freedom comes a need for personal discipline and business savvy. If you’re interested in beginning your very own home-based travel agent career, experienced instructors, hands-on training and the following tips will help you on your way.

1. Good Travel Consultants Strike a Work/Life Balance

Working from home is a proven way to keep a travel agent’s overhead costs at a minimum. If you’re already paying bills to live in a space, why not use it for your personal office as well?

If you work from home, airline schedules and travel packages are just a click away. Clients can call you on your home phone to settle travel arrangements, or contact you via email around the clock. With so much information at your fingertips, you’ll need to develop a disciplined sense of professionalism during working hours.

For example, you may want to arrange office space in a quiet, secluded area of your home, and create a separate business user account on your personal computer that blocks tempting digital distractions (like video games, Netflix, and the other usual suspects). Safeguards like these will help your professional and personal lives coexist in harmony.

2. Home-Based Travel Agents Develop Great Time Management

Travel and tourism training will teach you everything you’ll need to know about destination tourism, hotels and lodging, the cruise market, and more. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when putting this theory into practice without a strict schedule keeping your distractions at bay.

Good home-based agents recognize three factors always needing time-management consideration:

  1. Hunger: schedule time to eat healthy throughout the day. A rumbling stomach is one of life’s toughest distractions to ignore.
  2. Movement: make time to get up and move. Exercise clears your mind and keeps it sharp.
  3. Peak Hours: most people find the start of their work day to be their most productive time. Designate an early-morning “Power Hour” to hunker down and start your workday right.

Strengthening these skills will make it possible for you to achieve the long-term career success you deserve.

3. Enhanced Digital Skills: Modern Travel and Tourism Essentials

Becoming proficient in the right digital tools helps today’s home based travel agents master industry-standard software like SABRE, and access the lifetime career-advisory services that come with the best certification programs. And the web can offer even more success-boosting perks to those who know how to use them.

For example, networking online with fellow travel agents (often peers you study with in travel consultant school) can open doors for lucrative partnerships, continued learning, and even improved productivity. Consider implementing a “buddy system” of checking in on each other to help keep you and your future professional peers accountable.

And if you’re already on social media, that’s an asset as well: your online presence can help you attract younger Millennial clients who are becoming more active in the travel and tourism scene.

With the right training and motivation, nothing can stop you from doing what you love, and helping others see the world!

Are you interested in becoming a professional travel consultant and starting your own home-based business?

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