How 6 New “Traveller Tribes” will Change Hospitality Management Forever

How 6 New Traveller Tribes will Change Hospitality Management Forever1

So, which ‘travel tribe’ do you belong to? That’s the question being posed in ‘Future Traveller Tribes 2030’, a new report by travel company Amadeus, which suggests that modern tourists fall into six basic categories: Simplicity Seekers, Obligation Meeters, Reward Hunters, Social Capital Searchers, Ethical Travellers and Cultural Purists.

For those considering careers in hospitality management, this new ‘tribes’ approach presents valuable insight into the way today’s tourists think, and may change the way the industry approaches customers completely. The report presents each group as having very different needs and desires when it comes to travel. As you might expect, the relationship of each ‘tribe’ with technology also plays an important part in how they travel.

Want to know more about the six new types of traveller? Read on to find out.

Obligation Meeters & Simplicity Searchers Look for Hospitality and Tourism Made Easy

Most travellers simply want to relax

Most travellers simply want to relax

Amadeus estimates that Simplicity Searchers are the largest ‘tribe’, making up 67% of total travellers. They are also the group with the most traditional hospitality management needs. Simplicity Searchers typically travel for relaxation, and want simple, stress-free vacations above all else. They are happy to take bundled offers and let third parties manage as many aspects of their trip as possible.

Another group who seek ease and convenience are Obligation Meeters, whose travel plans are shaped by the need to be at a certain commitment, such as business travellers and wedding guests. These travellers are often frequent flyers, and value hassle-free transport options, intuitive booking systems and reliable service.

Reward Hunters: When Only the Best in Hospitality Management Will Do

Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma students receive a 5-star training program that teaches them the very best in hospitality service standards, which is exactly what Reward Hunters expect. This executive-class traveller sees their trip as a reward for hard work in their professional life. They are often willing to pay for luxury activities and VIP flights and accommodation, and will also prioritize self-improvement and wellness.

Social Capital Seekers: The Future of Hospitality and Tourism?

“Social Capital Seekers” travel for online approval

“Social Capital Seekers” travel for online approval

Armed with a selfie-stick and a collection of Instagram followers, Social Capital Seekers make travel plans with online approval in mind. This new breed of traveller is extremely tech-literate, and uses digital media to inform all aspects of their travel, choosing destinations from online recommendations and sharing every aspect of their trip on social media. Some may even monetize their social media presence, and receive payment for travel recommendations, giving them a very different relationship with travel brands than traditional consumers.

Ethical Travellers & Cultural Purists: New Hospitality Management Challenges

Cultural Purists shun traditional ‘tourist trap’ travel options, seeking more authentic experiences that allow them to properly immerse themselves in other cultures. They are active on social media, but use it to seek out ‘off the beaten track’ destinations and alternative accommodation websites—like Couchsurfing—that allow them to meet local people.

Another emerging group that presents new challenges to anyone considering a career in hotel management is Ethical Travellers, who let their moral compass guide their travel choices. These individuals make travel plans with environmental concerns, such as limiting their carbon footprint, in mind.  They may also travel in order to volunteer to help those less fortunate. For hospitality professionals, dealing with an ethical traveller is very different from most tourists, as they often prefer ethically sound options over price and convenience.

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