ALICE Partners With Bttn to Make Hospitality Management Easier!

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There’s a new tool being cooked up for tourism professionals, and it promises to make hotel management even more efficient. By partnering up with Bttn—a company famous for designing the “simplest internet user interface in the world”—ALICE the app maker is planning to launch a cutting edge new tool: a button.

While a button might seem a little less flashy than other tourism tech being pioneered (like a robot that makes deliveries and an app that helps guests book hotel rooms from their smartphone), the ALICE button is expected to have a lot to offer.

Here’s a quick look at how ALICE and Bttn plan to combine their skills, and what their button means for students enrolled in hotel management programs.

What ALICE and Bttn Bring to the Partnership

While both ALICE and Bttn have made impressive strides in tech development, both companies are actually very different.

As a startup, ALICE made its debut in tourism by launching an app geared to helping hotel managers provide even better customer service.

The ALICE app helped connect guests with the services in hotels, and enabled guests to use their smartphones to complete tasks like:

  • making restaurant and spa reservations
  • pre-ordering room service before check-in
  • purchasing tickets for shows
  • requesting housekeeping and other services

Bttn is a physical button that can be programmed to do a simple task once pushed. For example, if a user always ordered pizza from the same restaurant, then he or she could program their button to place this order for them.

How ALICE and Bttn Plan to Make Hospitality Management More Efficient

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Through combining their expertise, ALICE and Bttn hope to make hospitality management much more efficient.

Because certain hotel services are a lot more common than others, automating those services can help free up time for hotel management professionals. Calling a taxi, for example, is a common request guests make. Therfore, with ALICE and Bttn’s new tool, completing that simple task will soon take less time.

With this new button, hotel managers can provide quicker service for these small tasks—thereby freeing up their energy to focus on bigger projects, like planning conferences and events.

What does this New Tech Mean for Hospitality Management?

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Students enrolled in top level tourism colleges learn the ins and outs of smoothly running a hotel and providing guests with unforgettable experiences. As they develop the skills they need to work in tourism management, each student learns how to attend to day-to-day procedures, like managing housekeeping and front desk operations. In addition, they develop the specialized customer service skills that take their careers to the next level.

Providing good customer service involves paying close attention to detail and promptly providing guests with the services they need. And so, with this cutting-edge new button, hotel managers might soon be able to provide even more services to guests and do so faster than ever before!

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