The Future of Travel and Tourism: How Air Travel Will Change in 2016

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The travel and tourism industry is a dynamic and ever-changing career path. Each year, new technology and trends change the way we travel—from the discovery of a popular new getaway to the addition of new technology like in-flight WiFi.

If you’re looking for a career where no two days are ever the same, and where new and exciting changes are happening all the time, then look no further. You’ll likely find the job you’re looking for within the travel and tourism industry.

Read on to learn about some of the latest developments shaping air travel this year.

More Legroom Could Make its Way to an Airplane Cabin Near You

As many flight attendants know, small comforts like extra legroom, seatback entertainment, and tasty snacks can help customers feel pampered and relaxed, even during a long flight. And for tall travellers with long legs, few luxuries are as coveted as extra legroom.

That’s why many flight attendants are excited to learn that several airlines such as Alaska Airlines and American Airlines will be adding in new seats with extra legroom. These updates will help them provide an even higher level of customer service to travellers.

If that’s not exciting enough, a new plane design by B/E Aerospace could pave the way to planes with adjustable legroom space, making cramped flights for passengers a thing of the past.

More Apps for Travel and Tourism Professionals are Set to Hit Virtual Stores

Mobile apps are also set to continue rising in popularity, both for customers and professionals embarking on their airline customer service careers. One such app includes Lonely Planet, which helps travellers connect with tourism experts across the globe, such as airline customer service representatives, tour guides, travel agents and more!

Other popular travel apps set to rock the travel industry this year include the Mobile Passport Control app, which lets travellers speed through immigration lines, and Airgrub, which enables users to order food before they arrive at a an airport restaurant.

Super Sonic Jets Could Revolutionize Travel and Tourism

2016’s travel and tourism scene will also see a push to bring back supersonic jet planes. In fact, new designs for a supersonic passenger plane have been drawn up, and it might just revolutionize the way we travel. According to rumours, these new jets would be able to fly from London to New York City in just one hour, and complete the trip from San Francisco to Tokyo in three.

Supersonic passenger jets might soon be taking to the skies.

Supersonic passenger jets might soon be taking to the skies.

New Renovations Are set to Make Airports Bigger and Better Than Ever Before

If you’ve noticed a few “under construction” signs during your travels, you’re not alone. In fact, many top airports around the world are getting a makeover. Singapore’s Changi Airport, for example, is currently starting work on building an impressive new terminal, which is set to include a massive indoor garden as well as the world’s biggest indoor waterfall.

Renovations could take airport luxury to new heights.

Renovations could take airport luxury to new heights.

Other up-and-coming renovations include Amsterdam’s Airport Schiphol, which will be upgrading its lounge space, and the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai, which is set to expand into a sprawling mega airport in the years to come.

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