Attn. Grads of Hospitality Schools! Meet the Site Offering Cash Back Rewards to Hotel Guests

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Could hotel loyalty points be approaching their demise? Industry professionals know that in order to accumulate enough loyalty points to receive a free night’s stay in a hotel, guests would need to travel quite regularly. In fact, most hotels don’t reward their guests with a free stay until they’ve completed approximately 15 paid stays, effectively proving their loyalty to that specific chain.

It seems as though hotel loyalty rewards systems could be about to change, since some hospitality experts—like those working at The Guestbook—have grown savvy to what travellers are really looking for. The Guestbook is a hub where small boutique hotels can reach travellers, offering them actual (monetary) rewards once they’ve completed a single stay.

If you’re interested in a hospitality career, read on to learn more about a new hotel rewards company that’s keeping travellers happy—and loyal!

How The Guestbook Works: A Guide for Students in Hospitality Schools

The Guestbook is a new booking website that offers rewards to guests after every hotel stay—does this sound familiar? Students enrolled in hospitality schools might initially wonder what the difference is between The Guestbook’s loyalty rewards system and others put in place by established hotel brands. “Traditional hotel loyalty programs give you the idea of value, but they never actually give it to you,” explained James Gancos, CEO and founder of The Guestbook, to the Condé Nast Traveler. “We want to give it to you upfront.”

Every time a traveller books a hotel stay using The Guestbook, they will receive 5 percent of their money back in the form of PayPal credit, a retail gift card or a Visa gift card. Additionally, guests will have access to these tangible rewards immediately after their stay!

The Guestbook has partnered with a wide variety of independent and boutique hotels. In fact, the company already has connections with about 450 properties, including the SLS Hotel South Beach, The Redbury, The Renwick Hotel, various Morgans Hotel Group locations and more.

Could This New Rewards System Impact Future Hotel Management Careers?

For students pursuing hotel management careers, providing your future guests with instant gratification might be something to consider once you break into the field. This is because while the general idea of a rewards system may prompt travellers to book their stay at your hotel, instant rewards like those offered by The Guestbook might be more effective.

Other rewards sites—like Expedia’s Orbitz, for example—similarly offer travellers instant rewards. However, these are typically cash back rewards that can only be applied to future stays or bookings. The Guestbook, on the other hand, provides customers with rewards they can use wherever they want. Unlike other rewards companies, The Guestbook also helps hotels maintain relationships with their guests, by allowing travellers to book directly with these hotels and still earn their rewards.

During your training, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about various sales and marketing strategies that will help keep your hotel successful and your guests happy. Once you begin your career, you can experiment with such strategies. For example, you might try out a few loyalty rewards programs that already exist to see which ones work best with your property and your clientele. Or perhaps you might even develop one that’s unique to your hotel.

Are you interested in pursuing a rewarding career within the hospitality industry?

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