What Will Hospitality & Tourism Management be Like in 2016? 3 Trends to Look Out For

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Do you want a career in an industry that’s always changing with the rise of new trends and technology? If so, then travel and tourism might just be for you! Each and every year, new trends help shape tourism management as hotels adopt new tech and adapt to new demands from customers.

Here’s a peek at what’s in store this year, and what it means for new students in travel and tourism:

Personalization is the Name of the Game in Tourism Management

Today’s tourists are looking for a personalized experience. In fact, a survey done by Yahoo found that “78 percent of consumers expressed a desire for some kind of personalization” from their hotel.

How can the travel and tourism industry meet these new expectations? To start with, it’s important that they hire trained professionals who have top customer service skills. Graduates from hospitality and tourism schools, for example, know the ins and outs of carefully attending to client needs and creating an unforgettable experience.

Friendly hotel staff can help make a customer’s vacation truly memorable.

Friendly hotel staff can help make a customer’s vacation truly memorable.

Additionally, many hotels will be turning to helpful mobile apps to track and store information on customer preferences. With these apps, customers could decide on details like:

  • room temperature
  • which items will be stored in the minibar
  • room decor

2016’s Canadian Hospitality and Tourism Industry Will See a Rise in Staycations

A low Canadian dollar has been a big boost to Canada’s tourism industry. However, as many hospitality students know, international travellers aren’t the only ones who are opting for local hotels.

In fact, staycations—where Canadians enjoy a relaxing stay at a local hotel—are set to rise in 2016. According to a recent report by the Conference Board of Canada, domestic tourism is set to increase by 2.4 per cent this year, as more Canadians opt for a vacation at home.

To help attract local tourists, many graduates of hospitality and tourism schools will start offering local-only discounts, as well as unique experiences like spa services, partnerships with local festivals, and more!

Unique Experiences in Travel and Tourism are a Top Attraction for Millennial Travellers

As Millennials become an even bigger part of the travel and tourism market, their tastes and preferences are going to set the tone for industry standards. What does that mean for tourism and travel professionals?

We know that Millennial travellers are more adventurous than previous generations. They crave adventure and unique experiences—from trying new foods to exploring untouched landscapes. That’s why many top tourism professionals will be working hard to include authentic new experiences for guests, taking the search for new and unique experiences to a whole new level.

Tourism Management Pros Know the Desire to Unplug is Picking up Steam in 2016

Providing free WiFi is a must in today’s digital world. But, as many tourism management professionals are discovering, many guests are opting to unplug during their vacation too.

While there’s no data on how many Canadian tourists are unplugging during their vacations, a recent poll found that “72% of UK travellers switched off (or as much as possible) in 2013”. That’s because for many vacationers, unplugging is the only way to stay away from work emails and truly wind down.

How can hotel managers tap into this new trend? For many travellers, being able to choose whether to unplug or not is important. Even if they don’t use the free WiFi available, they enjoy knowing that if they need to, they can still get their social media fix.

While some travellers like staying on top of work, others would rather unplug during their vacation.

While some travellers like staying on top of work, others would rather unplug during their vacation.

However, for hotels in remote locations, some travel and tourism professionals recommend using lack of WiFi as a marketing strategy.

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