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3 Qualities That Make You a Great Fit for Tourism College

It can be difficult to convert your personality and interests into a concrete career plan. With so many careers and training paths to achieve them, it takes a lot of research and sometimes a bit of luck to figure out which option is the best fit for you. This is an incredibly important decision, and sometimes expert advice from those on the other side can be just what you need to feel confident about your choice.

Fortunately, there are a few qualities that can determine whether you’re a good fit for tourism college and the many career opportunities it offers. Read on to see if your unique personality and goals might be the perfect fit for a travel and tourism training program!

1. You’re Looking For a Career In Which Your Social Side Can Shine

Travel and tourism is a service-oriented industry that requires professionals to engage with clients and customers on a regular basis, whether you are giving them advice about the local scene, helping them book accommodations, or even showing them the sights yourself. The people best-suited for this type of career are those with a natural knack for working with others and who genuinely enjoy brightening the day-to-day experiences of those around them. If you love working with people and making genuine connections with those you meet in the workplace and beyond, then tourism college can help you gain the skills and experience you need for success in the social, engaging career path of travel and tourism.

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Canadian Tourism College will help you bring your human touch to the travel and tourism industry

2. You Want Tourism Training That Won’t Delay Your Career

Many ambitious young people are unsure whether travel and tourism programs will allow them to enter the workforce as quickly as they would like. Fortunately, some colleges offer efficient programs of varying lengths to fit the needs of students who are eager to begin their careers. For instance, Canadian Tourism College (CTC) offers three program options in travel and tourism ranging from 24 to 98 weeks of instruction and offering between 240 and 956 hours of co-op experience. This variety in course offerings will help you be sure that your tourism training will align with the timeline you have set for your career goals.

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Study tourism at CTC and get your career on track fast!

3. You Are Drawn to Travel and Tourism Programs by Your Adventurous Spirit

Finally, travel and tourism is the ideal field for individuals who crave action and new experiences, and college level tourism training is the optimal avenue to ensure that you are equipped and qualified to pursue a career in this field. Graduates of CTC’s travel and tourism programs, for instance, have gone on to pursue careers in the airline industry, as translators, tour guides, and more! A travel and tourism program will allow you to explore the options that the industry presents to individuals with an outgoing and adventurous personality like yours, and give you the tools you need to seize them.

Do you hold any of the above traits?

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