Have Your Cake and Eat it Too. 7 Reasons Why You Should be Taking Classes THIS Summer!

It’s sunny, it’s hot, the beach is calling your name. Going to school may not be in your plans, but perhaps it should be! Read on to see why beaches and books go hand in hand.

You can start your career sooner.

Are you a passionate and driven individual with exciting dreams and goals? That’s great! Following your passion enriches your life and brings a whole lot of happiness. So why not start as soon as you possibly can? Like now, for example.

Be FINISHED your program in time for the busy tourism season next year!

The tourism industry flourishes during the spring and summer months. So doesn’t it seem like a great idea to graduate at exactly that time of year? Take summer classes now and you will have the most job options possible when you are finished your program.

You want to find a summer job in the industry.

Looking for that summer job in hospitality or tourism but you don’t have much or any experience? Potential employers are more likely to give you a chance if they know you are making a commitment to your learning through a relevant summer program.

Summer courses can be fun

You can have it all.

Our classes at CTC are scheduled for 2-3 days at the beginning or end of the week, which means you have over half a week remaining of free time! This means you can work on building your future while still having time for fun summer things like camping trips, hikes and festivals!

Small class sizes.

Summer classes are generally smaller than those held in the fall. This means that you can receive more individual attention so that you can learn better and learn more! It is also a better environment in which to make friends, because smaller groups usually become closer. This is great especially if you are an international student in Vancouver for your studies, and you haven’t met many people in the city yet.

Study in the sun!

Make the most of your tanning time. Soak in that vitamin D while learning something new.

You can keep your feet dry.

Okay, this one is a little silly, but as a seasoned Vancouverite, I’ve been there. Ever spent your day of classes in wet socks? Take SUMMER classes and keep your feet warm and dry!


Have you taken summer courses? Tell us about your experience!
To get started on your summer education journey, check out our programs in travel and tourism here.

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