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Student Blog: Experience the Future of Flight by Ellaine Fernandez

There are many perks of studying at Canadian Tourism College, the most trusted flight attendant school in Canada. One is being given the chance to explore the extraordinary behind-the-scenes action at one of Seattle’s favourite aviation attractions; the Future of Flight Aviation Center where the Boeing Factory Tour begins.

It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view the assembly of Boeing’s wide-body airplanes—the 747, 777 and the technologically advanced 787 Dreamliner on the Everett production line before they take to the sky. The tour begins with a 5 minute video explaining the history of Boeing, and then everyone is taken by bus to the huge hangar where the planes are built. You walk down 21 steps and then about 1/3 mile along an underground cement tunnel before going up an elevator to the viewing area. The manufacturing complex is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest building in the world by volume. Our guide was very good and her voice carried well so everyone could hear her in our group of about 40 people. She explained how each plane was built, from start to finish, and kept it interesting. Then we re-boarded the bus and went to a different hangar to see the 777s and 787s. The whole tour lasted 90 minutes and you end up back where you started. They drop you off at the gift shop so you have to go through it to exit the building.

Students at Boeing Field Trip

This field trip opportunity made us see new things and learn about them in a more unstructured way. These tours play a very pivotal role in not only our student life, they also benefit our entire life in more than a single way.


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