Students at the Future of Flight tour

How a Field Trip Can Inspire Your Career Journey

On a cold, rainy Wednesday morning, our Flight Attendant students boarded a big comfy tour bus and began their journey to Everett, Washington to visit the Boeing Future of Flight Aviation Center. They were tired, but excited. The Boeing assembly plant is the largest building in the world, offering up an opportunity to see airliners being meticulously assembled right in front of you. To see these magnificent beasts of flight in the production process and learn more about them would certainly be fascinating.

Field trips are an energizing experience; a welcome change from the classroom and an opportunity to learn from the experience of being immersed in a new environment. It is likely you will learn something new, feel invigorated about your current career journey, and possibly even become moved to explore a career option that you hadn’t thought of before.

As we stood on the platform above the expansive assembly area where a beautiful 787 Dreamliner was being constructed, one student remarked that she would love to one day do further studies in Aerospace Engineering. She was INSPIRED! After an explanation of all the amazing new technology of the 787—lower cabin pressure at higher altitudes, larger windows, and completely customizable LED lighting—the students were given a chance to ask questions of our knowledgeable tour guide.

Students posing by engine

At the end of the day, the trip was a great success, and the students left with many benefits to having had the experience. They were able to gain knowledge in a memorable way, have totally new experiences, and get even more excited about becoming Flight Attendants. After hearing about the new features of the incredible Boeing 787s, what aspiring flight attendant wouldn’t want to be part of the amazing new developments in aviation?


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