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5 Ways that Tourism College will Fuel your Travel Obsession

Do you follow fifty different travel accounts on Instagram? Spend countless hours planning or fantasizing about your next trip? Have pictures of your dream destinations up on the walls of your home? Here are five reasons why attending Tourism College is perfect for the travel-obsessed person you are.

You will learn more about the world

Make your education all about something you already enjoy in your spare time! Find out what it’s like to work in various locations all over the world, the customs of different cultures, the names and capitals of every country, and how to craft unforgettable travel experiences for other people. You will likely get some travel inspiration for yourself while you’re at it!

You will meet like-minded people who could become your future travel companions

Everyone who you study with will share your passion. After all, that’s what your program and school is all about! Learn together and possibly even make a new lifelong friend to go on adventures with.

You’ll be exposed to many other cultures

Experience diversity all around you just by being in class! Canadian Tourism College welcomes students from all around the world, plus Vancouver in itself is a cultural mosaic. And once you graduate? Even more opportunity to immerse yourself in a new cultural experience!

The instructors will inspire you

Instructors are not just people who read some textbooks and came straight to the classroom to teach. These are people with real-life experience. They have traveled and experienced the bad and the good of working in jobs around the world. There is so much great advice for you to easily access from listening and asking questions of these experts who are passionate about what they do.


Okay not all, but SOME jobs may offer travel-related discounts for employees. Or perhaps travelling is just part of the job and you get to have some fun exploring on the way. Examples of these types of jobs include being a flight attendant or part of cruise ship staff. Start building that amazing travel Instagram account you’ve always dreamed of!

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