The 2 Most Important Things to Consider for a Successful Semester

Start your semester with confidence!  Here are the two most important things to consider when beginning your semester—guaranteed to make your life easier while you focus on completing your studies!

Time Management

Daily Planner

Planning your week ahead of time for classes, assignments, and work (if you have a job as well) ensures that you can be fully relaxed when you do have free time, knowing that everything is taken care of. Use a time management tool such as a personal planner or an app to create a schedule that works for you, including a daily checklist. If you have trouble staying focused when studying, take a short break, and avoid distractions—turn off that TV! If all else fails, ask your instructor for advice. They are there to make sure that you succeed. Be sure to get a full night’s sleep whenever possible; a good night’s sleep will enable you to learn and memorize more efficiently, give you more energy, improve your mood and attention span, and help to improve your mood. Planning out your week will enable you to finish what you need to finish on time, meaning no all-nighters trying to complete an assignment or study for a test. Make sure that you leave time for rest and social activities as well, it is important to maintain your personal relationships and have some fun too!


Piggy Bank

An important aspect of student life is dealing with your budget. Many students are using a student loan or some form of credit to pay for college, which means they need to be extra careful with money. This means it is especially important to be aware of your expenses. Create an excel spreadsheet or use an app to create a budget and keep track of where your money is going. Some money saving tips include buying groceries and making meals at home rather than going out, and enjoying free, cheap or discounted events with friends. Remember to be realistic about your budget and take some time to think about “needs” versus “wants”!

At Canadian Tourism College, classes are only 2 to 3 days a week, which allows time for you to take on a part-time job. This is a great idea if you need a little extra money, or want to gain some experience in your field. Just make sure that you can maintain enough free time outside of classes and work in which to complete assignments and enjoy some social activities.

With your time managed and budget accounted for, you can spend more of your energy on your studies and your future! Have a great semester!

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