The Best Places to Study in Vancouver

You’re about to start your new school year, and you may be wondering, “Where should I study in Vancouver?”. Studying at home can be distracting, but luckily there are plenty of places that you can retreat to when you can’t avoid the TV or your loud roommates any longer. Read on for our top picks!

Cafés and Coffee Shops

These are typically the first sort of place you think of when you imagine a place to study, and for good reason! The coffee will keep you awake, and the food will keep you happy!

Coffee shops

Sciué on Melville and Thurlow

This one is the most obvious choice for us, since it is located directly below the Canadian Tourism College’s new Vancouver campus! It is not the best spot to be if you need to use your laptop, as there is no wifi, but it is a great place for some reading and note taking. Location is key here!

Elysian on Burrard and Helmcken

This particular location has wifi available while other Elysian locations do not, likely because it is located beneath The Burrard hotel. It’s not a very large space, but is usually not too busy either, so you should be able to find a spot no problem. The environment is light, airy and modern and has the sort of vibe that will allow you to focus on the task at hand.


Obviously. We don’t need to tell you where to find one, because if you step outside right now, there will likely be one within eyesight. Still a great choice for studying even though they can often be quite busy, Starbucks provides free wifi and a very cozy atmosphere that will allow you to settle in and get down to business.


Another great Vancouver study spot. But why is Breka so extra-awesome? It’s open 24 hours! So if you happen to need some study time at 1:00am, it’s still there for you, offering up free wifi and amazing pastries and sandwiches. Also, there are four locations to choose from, on Fraser, Bute and Davie streets as well as West 4th Avenue.

49th Parallel Roasters Café

If you are out of the downtown core and near Main Street, 49th Parallel is the perfect place to study. Especially if you are into amazing coffee and delicious Lucky’s Doughnuts. (And who isn’t?). Plenty of natural light and big tables on which to spread out all of your materials here!


Prefer to study outdoors? No problem! (Well, as long as it’s not raining!)

Outdoor Studying

Stanley Park

Take advantage of Vancouver’s rare but spectacular sunny days and study outside at Stanley Park! It’s a pretty big space, so we suggest biking around the seawall until finding a spot that looks appealing, and setting up camp there!

Queen Elizabeth Park

Another outdoor studying option is Queen Elizabeth Park, another good non-downtown Vancouver location. There is plenty of green space here for you to set up an outdoor study space and get a tan while you’re at it.


The city of Vancouver has many libraries, but one stands out for sure.

Vancouver Public Library

Vancouver Public Library at West Georgia and Homer Street

Last but not least, there is the Vancouver Public Library (Central Library Location), situated in the busy downtown core. It’s quite large and has multiple floors, so you can always find a spot for yourself. One big advantage of this location is that it is a library, so, it’s quiet.  And minimal distractions mean maximum focus. You can also book study rooms here for a maximum of two hours per day if you need to get together with others for a group project. There is free wifi access, as long as you have a valid library card.

That’s it for our top picks! Where is your favourite spot to study in Vancouver?

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