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Useful Tricks of the Trade for Hospitality and Tourism Management Grads

A career in hospitality means that you’ll never be bored, and you can look forward to new and different experiences every single day. Hospitality professionals have the unique privilege of helping to create lasting memories and a home away from home for their clients. No matter where you are in the world or what type of establishment you’re working at, there are certain tricks of the trade that are universal and contribute to a memorable guest experience, every time.

Keep reading to learn more about fool-proof tips you can use during your future hospitality career.

Grads of Hospitality Programs Should Put Themselves in the Customer’s Shoes

Working on the frontlines of a hotel, resort, or an event after Hotel Management school means that the service you provide will directly contribute to your guests’ experience. In order to provide quality service that will ‘wow’ your guests, you should put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to understand their unique needs, challenges, and interests.

For example, if you’re a receptionist at a hotel, and a businessperson who seems to be in a rush approaches the counter for a room, you’ll want to provide efficient service, and let them know about any business travel facilities that may be of use to them. On the other hand, if you have a young family checking in for a holiday, you should spend more time explaining all the kid-friendly amenities and the fun attractions nearby. Understanding the needs of your customers will help you create a more customized guest experience!

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Understand the unique needs of your guests to provide a fantastic experience

Always Respond Quickly and Go the Extra Mile with Customer Requests

In order to create a five-star guest experience, you need to go above and beyond any chance you can. Customer requests provide the perfect opportunity to not only resolve any situations, but to turn them into positive experiences by providing timely service with an added bonus.

Perhaps you’re working the night shift at a resort, and a customer calls down to reception requesting new pillows. Grads of a hospitality program will recognize this as an opportunity to provide exceptional service. To create a memorable guest experience, you could quickly bring several types of pillows for your guests to choose from. Not only will you have provided a prompt solution, you will have also demonstrated that your resort truly cares about your guests’ comfort.

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Always attend to customer requests as quickly as possible

Grads of Hospitality Programs Know to Rely on Fellow Team Members

Hotels and resorts have many moving parts, from housekeeping, restaurants, and room service, to front desk receptionists, reservations, and events coordinators. While each area of the hotel is distinct, it’s not uncommon for roles to overlap and individuals from different departments to work together, especially on particularly busy days, like during high season or during a special event. Hospitality professionals know that they must rely on their team members for everything to go smoothly. By lending a helping hand, you can help create a seamless guest experience.

hospitality and tourism management

Work as a team to ensure the hotel’s operations run smoothly

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