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Guest Niches to Cater to in Hospitality and Tourism Management Careers

Putting a bit of thought into the kinds of guests you want to attract to a hospitality or tourism business can really pay off. Different guests will want different things, and by finding ways to appeal specifically to particular groups of people, it’s possible to claim a lot more of their business and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Want a little inspiration for different guest niches to consider catering to? Here are a few examples of potentially lucrative niche markets that hospitality businesses around the world are taking notice of.

Consider Throwing Pet Owners a Bone When Working in Hospitality and Tourism

It’s typical for pet owners to leave their animals at home during vacation time, but some people much prefer to take Fido along with them for their adventures. Of course, not all hospitality establishments allow pets, which means there’s a pretty decent opportunity out there for those businesses willing to take them in.

There are many ways to capture the hearts of people in this niche. A few basic ideas include making pet beds available for loan to guests who want them, having a few food and water dishes on hand, and maintaining a list of good nearby dog parks and veterinarians for guests. These aren’t big or expensive steps, but they can make a huge difference to an animal-loving guest’s experience.

There are, of course, potential challenges that can arise when catering to this niche. For example, there may be additional housekeeping concerns related to animal fur and dander being shed within the building, and, of course, the potential for accidents of the bathroom variety. An education in hospitality and tourism management can help you approach these additional challenges intelligently, and offer you insight into housekeeping and accounting management techniques for addressing them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Make an Effort to Offer Magical Honeymoon Experiences

A honeymoon is a big deal to many couples. It’s an opportunity to get away from everyday life, to relax, and to enjoy the company of a new spouse in an exciting new place. Many hotels, resorts, and tourism businesses do offer some sort of package or gift for newlyweds – often a bottle of champagne, or a special offer on a couple’s massage – but it’s possible to go a step beyond, at little or no extra cost, to make the experience even more wonderful.

If your workplace offers food service, for example, consider issuing a special honeymoon discount on a meal for honeymooners, or even just take a moment to personally congratulate the couple on their marriage. Make the guests feel cared for, and that you appreciate them spending such a special time with you, and you can quickly generate good word-of-mouth publicity.

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Find ways to make a honeymoon special and you can build positive buzz for a hospitality business

If you are looking for ways to impress honeymooners, completing hotel management courses at schools like Canadian Tourism College will allow you to learn from experts with many years of experience in the field. Turn to them for suggestions and you could get some great ideas to try out.

Hospitality and Tourism Management Pros Should Consider Catering to Long-Term Occupants

There’s a trend in the world of hospitality of long-term occupants choosing to stay in hotels for weeks or months instead of renting an apartment. These individuals might be recently divorced, in need of a temporary place to live during renovations, or just a person of means who is in the area for a while and doesn’t mind paying for a bit of luxury. These individuals all offer the kind of stable, prolonged business that hospitality pros crave.

It can cost a little more up front to cater to this type of demographic, with common amenities including in-room washers and dryers and kitchenettes, as well as in-building cafes, and restaurants offering high-quality meals. Still, if your workplace can establish a reputation as a location that offers convenience and comfort, it’s an investment that can pay off.

One of the benefits of completing hospitality training at Canadian Tourism College is that it includes valuable instruction in sales and marketing concepts. Applying this training can help you highlight specific benefits your workplace might offer extended-stay occupants, and draw in a larger portion of this lucrative crowd. Having this skill alongside the various other technical and managerial abilities makes for a well-rounded professional, and is part of why our graduates have such a great track record of success in the industry.

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Marketing skills learned at tourism college can help you appeal to specific demographics

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