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4 Secrets for Managing Stress When You Become a Flight Attendant

When you finish your flight attendant training and your career finally takes off, it’s an exhilarating time. All your hard work has paid off, and you’re now a fully qualified flight attendant, working in the industry and travelling the world.

Having said that, working as a flight attendant is a role that, like any other job, can be tiring and comes with its own challenges. As you progress in your career, you’ll get better and better at getting a handle on any difficulties that come your way. Until then, here are four strategies for coping with the varied situations you can find yourself in.

Remember Flight Attendant Training: Keep Calm and Carry On

Flight attendant training has evolved over the decades to prepare you to become a well-rounded worker that can react correctly to almost any situation. In a stressful moment, recalling best practices from flight attendant training and reacting calmly is a highly effective technique. When you step foot on your first flight, you will be doing so with hundreds of hours of education to prepare you for any situation already under your belt.

Your training will ensure you have a response for almost anything that arises. From the more serious end of your duties, such as dealing with safety or passenger behaviour issues, to tricky customer service situations, you can fall back on this training to ascertain the best response.

Master Your Flight Attendant Prep and Develop Your Own Toolkit to Deal With Stress

The life of the modern flight attendant is packed with plenty of perks. However, some side-effects, including time away from friends and family and occasional jet-lag, are persistent factors in the role. As a qualified flight attendant you should take the time to develop tools to beat these stress factors.

These solutions can be whatever you need them to be, and there are almost always steps you can take to address issues. Dealing with jet-lag? Cultivate a healthy diet and cut out caffeine to combat the worst of it. Missing friends or family? Set up video chats around your flying schedule. Feeling cooped up onboard? Ensure you’re using circulation-friendly garments and keep moving to stay feeling healthy.

Your toolkit will only grow and grow as you amass more flying hours, turning into a resource that can combat all the small stresses that can build up for a flight attendant.

Learn from Seasoned Pros and Make Friends in the Sky

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By building links with colleagues, you can build up your stress-busting strategy

One of the nice things about being a flight attendant is that you’ll never work in isolation. As part of a flight crew, you’ll get the chance to build close working relationships with fellow cabin and flight crew members that can be amongst the most enjoyable and rewarding in any industry.

As a trained flight attendant with CTC, you’ll have received around 240 flexible hours of flight attendant prep and training, but you’ll soon be working with experienced professionals with many thousands of hours of flying completed.

By conferring with and paying attention to these long-term employees, you’ll be able to pick up techniques and methods that can satisfactorily resolve any problem you have to deal with.

Enjoy the Perks and Revel in Exploring the World

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Blowing off steam and enjoying your flight attendant perks creates a natural buffer against stress

There are outright benefits you can expect from your career as a flight attendant. These include cheap or free flights, a varied schedule, first-person job satisfaction, and the chance to hone your social skills to a T.

These perks can sometimes appear in the most unexpected of fashions. For example, a free-standby seat to a city you’ve been meaning to visit for years, a surprise layover in a tropical paradise, or getting so good at handling situations that your friends think of you as the go-to “people person”.

Revelling in the real benefits that this career can provide is all part of the package. By diving into the pure enjoyment and personal development that these perks provide, you can easily cushion any stress you experience during your career.

You can become a flight attendant sooner than you think.

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