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Is Resort Management for You? A Primer for Students in Hotel Management Courses

There are a wide range of possible career paths available to motivated students enrolled in hospitality and tourism management programs. For certain graduates, the resort industry can be one of the most engaging and rewarding areas of the sector, providing many exciting opportunities to work in a diverse range of facilities and locations, including everything from ski resorts, to spas, to ranches, and more.

So, how do you know if resort management would be a good fit for you? There are a few traits that the best resort management professionals often have in common that help them excel at their jobs. Keep reading to learn about a few of these characteristics, and to find out if resort management could be your ideal career path.

Bring Together Work and Play After Your Hotel Management Courses

Working in the resort sector is an ideal career path for individuals who are genuinely positive and fun-loving. Unlike, for instance, a convention hotel, resorts work to help their clients escape to an environment that is relaxing, engaging, and hopefully joyful.

Resort management professionals need to have a unique appreciation for the role of resorts in order to do their jobs well and help craft the vacation experience that clients want. If you are drawn toward tasks that allow you to have fun and provide fun to others while exercising your leadership skills, resort management could be an excellent option for you after your hospitality management program.

Resort managers work hard to help their clients play hard

Resort managers work hard to help their clients play hard

Being a ‘People Person’ Goes a Long Way in Resort Management

As in many other areas of the hospitality industry, having strong interpersonal skills and being a ‘people person’ is key to succeeding in resort management. As a resort manager, you may be responsible for successfully running a potentially large staff of employees with very different jobs and responsibilities. For example, a manager working at a spa resort might have to oversee a team of health and wellness professionals in addition to regular hotel staff.

In addition, since many resorts aim to provide a complete vacation experience to guests, rather than just accommodation, you can also expect to engage more with your customers, and have to make extra effort to ensure every facet of their trip is to their satisfaction.

Interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills are perhaps even more essential to your job than in other hospitality roles. If you have a knack for communication and genuinely enjoy working with and leading others, then resort management could be a good fit for you.

Interpersonal skills are key to client and staff relations in your resort management career

Interpersonal skills are key to client and staff relations in your resort management career

A Hospitality Career in the Resort Sector Requires Niche Expertise

Finally, working in resort management could be an excellent way for you to integrate niche expertise or passions into your work. Resorts can be run in many different contexts, and are often coupled with location-specific activities and attractions. For example, a coastal resort in Mexico might offer scuba diving excursions, while a ski resort in the Rocky Mountains might sell ski lessons to its clientele.

Successfully managing a resort is easier for individuals who are deeply familiar with its location, the attractions that draw tourists to the area, and the best ways for tourists to take advantage of everything the resort and its surroundings have to offer. If you are particularly knowledgeable or familiar with something related to a resort’s unique selling point – whether its local cuisine, arts and entertainment, outdoor activities, or something else – this insight will serve as a very effective supplement to your hotel management courses, putting you in a better position to succeed in this career path.

Do you think you have what it takes to succeed in resort management?

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