Student Blog: CTC—More Than Just a Classroom by Laura Robins

Being a student at CTC is more than just sitting in a classroom. There are breaks in the curriculum to allow for field trips and presentations about different areas in the travel and tourism industry. It is educational in a way that helps us discover what areas appeal to us individually and gives us a first-hand sense of how the industry blends together.

Our very first presentation was from Cynthia Connell, of G Adventures. G Adventures is a global travel company that specializes in small group travel. Cynthia showed us how fun and exciting a career with G Adventures could be with the right attitude and personality; as well as informing us about what the company is, what they do and how they do it. What stood out for me was that this company is very active is supporting local small businesses, animal welfare, child welfare, and many other aspects in the areas that they conduct their tours.

Our second presentation was from the enthusiastic duo Bryson and Chanel from Discover Canada Tours. They educated us in how their company operates their local tours, all the different areas that make their company flow and how passion and determination will get you where you want to be. Both presentations gave valuable insights about what it takes to be successful in obtaining a career in their respected fields.

Vancouver International Airport also opened its doors to us. We experienced a pre-security tour of the building. We learned about a great deal of artwork that is throughout the building, how much work it takes to make every aspect run smoothly and efficiently, and how to the make the perfect paper airplanes. An interesting thing I learned about was their Wildlife Control team. With the help of other animals such as dogs and birds of prey they keep the air space and runway clear of any other wildlife ensuring safety for animals, people and equipment.

Field Trips

Having these presentations and tours really help with giving students an inside look into potential future career options. It is also beneficial to really listen and take in the advice freely given by these professionals on how to acquire such careers. I for one look forward to learning more.

Laura is a student in our Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma.

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