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An International Experience at Canadian Tourism College

Get outside your comfort zone: the many benefits of studying or working abroad

Immersing yourself in another culture can help you to build a greater appreciation and understanding of different traditions and ways of life. Employers find this type of experience valuable because it shows that you are confident and independent, and can work well with anyone. At Canadian Tourism College, we accept students of many nationalities and offer training that can lead you to jobs that are located all over the world.


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Be an international student. Given that we are a college that specializes in travel and tourism, there is no better way to get to know the people and experience the culture of the city than by being a student at a tourism college! You will have the opportunity to explore the city with your classmates, getting an inside look at all the best hotels and tourist attractions that Vancouver has to offer. If English is your second language and you want to improve your skills, there really is no better way than to speak, read and write it every day, surrounded by people who are fluent. Check out our international student entry requirements here.

Start a career that could take you anywhere in the world. Given the nature of our training, your new career has the potential to either be based in a foreign country, or continuously change and take you to different places around the globe on a daily basis. (Think: Flight Attendant!)

If you can work here, you can work anywhere. We offer co-op programs that will provide paid work experience in your field of choice. Vancouver is a tourist hotspot, and is busy in every season. If you can work here, you can be confident that you will have what it takes to work anywhere in the world!


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New friends, new hobbies. Don’t forget one of the biggest reasons to study and work abroad: it’s fun! Meet people you would never have otherwise had the chance to meet, and develop new hobbies that you may never have been introduced to in your hometown.

An international study or career experience will open up opportunities and change your life. Interested in a life of travel? Check out the programs we offer at www.tourismcollege.com/programs/

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