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What’s New in Travel for 2018? A Primer for Students in Tourism Management Courses

As an enthusiastic travel and tourism student, you need to have the latest insights and skills for a cutting-edge career in the sector. Keeping a finger on the pulse of the travel industry is essential if you want to stay ahead of the pack and show potential employers that you are passionate about your work and its future.

What new trends do travel and tourism students need to be aware of today? Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect to see in the sector as 2018 arrives.

Ultra-Low-Cost Air Carriers May Shape Travel and Tourism Careers

Air travel has never been a particularly cheap or cost-effective transportation option for most Canadians – in fact, Canadian travelers near the border have been known to enter the US to access cheaper flights. However, it seems that 2018 may be the year that brings ultra-low-cost airlines onto the Canadian travel stage.

Carriers like Flair Airlines and Wow Air are already operating flights between select Canadian cities and international destinations. Swoop, Primera Air, and Jetlines are all slated to begin running Canadian flights in 2018, with some fares as low as $100, or even cheaper. Not only do these airlines present new employment opportunities for graduates of travel and tourism programs, but they also may help open up long-distance travel to younger or lower-income demographics, creating opportunities in other areas of the sector.

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Ultra-low-cost airlines will open up new travel possibilities for clients in 2018

Sustainability is a Must for Travel and Tourism Program Graduates

As a professional in the tourism industry, you will need to be aware of the changing factors that motivate your clients and what they want from their travel experience. It is becoming increasingly clear that sustainability is an important factor for many tourists, and this is likely to continue to become more relevant in 2018.

Sustainability could have many different implications for the travel and tourism careers of the future. It may mean that more sustainable transport methods become more popular, nature-oriented activities gain steam, or eco-friendly food offerings begin to take the lead. No matter what sector you choose to work in as a tourism professional, keeping sustainability in mind is sure to please your clients.

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Sustainable features will become more important to tourist decision-making in the coming year

Extended Vacations Put Travel and Tourism Careers on a New Timeline

Finally, a travel trend that is sure to be making waves in 2018 is the “extended vacation,” during which tourists will stay abroad for a longer period of time, often a few months. Extended vacations give clients the chance to gain a more authentic experience of their destination, and the opportunity to truly live and even sometimes work there.

With digitization, it is more possible for people to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and this has opened up new possibilities for longer-term working vacations for globetrotting professionals. As a result, an increasingly broad and diverse group of individuals are beginning to see the appeal in bridging work and relaxation through extended vacations. Keeping an eye on this trend will allow travel and tourism professionals to identify new opportunities and possibilities for their employers, and potentially even a novel career path!

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