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Make the Outdoors and Adventure Your Career After Canadian Tourism College

Do you have a love for the great outdoors? Do you crave variety in your life? Have you ever dreamt of leading a mountaineering expedition, kayaking tour, or river rafting trip? If so, a career in adventure tourism might be for you!

Extended adventure vacations are becoming greatly popular. People want to really experience the places they visit, which is where outdoor adventure guides come in. This can be a very rewarding career as you get to do what you love and share it with others at the same time.

The job market can be quite competitive, so you do need certain qualifications to snag the perfect role. However, with impeccable training programs available, this has never been easier. Keep reading to find out more about the wonderful world of adventure tourism and the skills you need to (sky)dive in.

Take on the World of Adventure With Your Tourism Management Diploma

One of the best parts of becoming a professional outdoor adventure guide is that, depending on your specialization and preferred locale, you can remain rooted in your favorite corner of the world, or globetrot in accordance with seasonality.

Imagine yourself zip-lining in New Zealand, canyoning in Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor, or leading the ultimate Icelandic adventure amidst glaciers and volcanoes. You can also stay local, since beautiful British Columbia and Canada’s other provinces offer a plethora of exhilarating and enchanting activities such as kelp reef adventures, alpine rafting, or camping under the Northern Lights.

This profession can also be flexible in terms of how you want to be employed. You can work at a holiday resort, national park, specialized adventure sport center, or even embark on the adventure of starting your own business. With exemplary travel training, you won’t find yourself at a loss.

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Working in adventure tourism can take you to the world’s most beautiful places

Enjoy the Thrill of the Ride While Using Your Travel Training to Guide Others

Essentially, working in outdoor adventure tourism most often involves organizing and leading expeditions for tourists, holiday resort guests, and adventure seekers. A good guide needs to know the lay of the land, maintain first aid knowledge and skills, and stay in great physical shape.

Your day-to-day responsibilities might include assembling and assisting with necessary equipment, planning routes, and, of course, keeping your customers happy and entertained! If you love what you do, then it shouldn’t be difficult for your clients to enjoy it too. Creating positive customer relationships is a great perk and reward of the job.

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Share your love of adventure, every day

Impeccable Communication Skills and Patience Will Be an Asset

To create excellent experiences for all of your clients, your communication skills need to be excellent. You must also be able to work well in a team, display leadership and organizational capabilities, and instruct with patience.

Programs like the tourism management diploma offered by Canadian Tourism College help you develop these qualities, alongside key technical skills that can help you on the path to attaining your dream outdoor adventure career. You will also have access to co-op opportunities and industry connections that may assist with bringing you closer to successfully leading that memorable mountain ascent or snorkeling tour.

Are you ready to jump into a career of adventure and the great outdoors?

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