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Student Blog: Self Promotion in the New Year by Laura Robins

Happy New Year! Keeping with tradition, people often like to create resolutions to improve themselves in the new year. Such is the case at CTC. The Travel and Tourism class just started the “Career Development” module upon returning from our winter holidays. It is all about helping us to be the best we can be, so we may shine and obtain future employment in the travel industry.

We are learning to sell the best product out there, ourselves. We are creating LinkedIn accounts to assist us with networking within the travel industry and showing us how important networking really is. Also, we are becoming knowledgeable in researching potential companies we would like to seek employment with and learning how to create resumes and cover letters to increase our chances of standing out to future employers, hopefully obtaining our sought-after career dreams. The class will be participating in “Mock Interviews” with our instructor Lori Albina so she can help us enhance our interviewing skills. It gives us a chance to assess our behaviours and mannerisms and bring our positives to light while tweaking the negatives to increase the likelihood of impressing a potential employer.

It has been enjoyable thus far participating in class by conducting online personality tests and creating positive feedback about ourselves and our fellow classmates. It enlightens us as to what kind of people we are and what kind of people we aspire to be. For me, I feel like I’ve grown as a professional and that these new-found skills will absolutely help me in my future.

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