View of North Vancouver from Prospect Point

Student Blog: Tour Guiding by Laura Robins

Being a student can be stressful. Trying to balance class, homework, jobs and home life can wear a person down. It is nice to take a break from the classroom and partake in an adventure with your fellow students. Sometimes in educational institutes, students tend to form “cliques” and only hang out in that group. That is definitely not the case for us. We have become very close in our months here. We have so much fun with each other and there is never a shortage of laughs.

Lately we have been working on Tour Guiding in class and learning many interesting things about that particular section of tourism. To finish it off, we had the wonderful opportunity to be “tourists” and participate in a city tour operated by Burnaby Tours. Our fantastic tour guide gave us valuable information about what he does, how he conducts tours, how to be successful, and shared with us what made him choose to enter the tourism industry. The first stop on our tour was Stanley Park. It was a bit chilly, but great to see the totem poles while learning some history about them, witnessing the breathtaking views from prospect point and listening to some interesting facts about the park as we drove through it. The next destination was Queen Elizabeth Park. Our guide gave us a snowy tour through the gardens, stopping to show us his favorite tree, The Cedar Tree of Lebanon. He was very informative and I learned a great deal of new things.


Photos from tours in Vancouver


We then warmed up inside the Bloedel Conservatory—what a gorgeous place. The plant life and colorful birds were absolutely stunning. The final stop before ending our tour was Granville Island. After showing us around, we were set loose for free time in the public market. It was difficult for us to choose where to eat; every food stand looked delicious! We had an excellent time together that day before heading home. Burnaby Tours did an extraordinary job and I recommend them so you too can learn new things about this city. Our guide was fun, knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions we had; all qualities we learned from our books that a great guide should have. We might not have been in a classroom but we definitely learned a lot that day.


Burnaby Tours bus in downtown Vancouver


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