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CTC Alumni Feature: Nathan Elander, Flight Attendant Pt. 1

Hello, my name is Nathan Elander and I am proud to be an Air Canada Rouge Flight Attendant! I never would have thought my career path would take me on such an exciting and thrilling adventure. It all started while I was attending Vancouver Island University taking Zoology and Jazz Performance studies. I was writing a paper one afternoon when I opened Google to do some research on a Jazz performer and an ad popped up saying “Take Your Career to New Heights with the Canadian Tourism College and their Pre-Employment Flight Attendant Diploma Program.” I thought to myself in that moment, what do I want to do with my life, what do I want to get out of my career? Going to University was a great experience, but also a costly one, as I was using student loans to take a wide variety of classes, not knowing what I wanted to commit to yet. I was kind of stuck in a realm of sorts, deciding what I excel at and what I enjoy doing and what makes me happy. It wasn’t until I clicked on the ad and read more into it, that it really sparked my curiosity and I started to research and watch YouTube videos of people being flight attendants.

I knew that it would take a lot of hard work and dedication for a 20-year-old to really focus and be successful. Without any hesitation, I immediately requested to get more information about CTC and the programs that they have to offer. Deby was great in sending me resources and bringing me in for a campus tour, which made me feel really comfortable and welcomed. I instantly became friends with girls in the current Pre-Employment Flight Attendant class and till to this day we are friends that support one another even though we are spread out all over Canada and Dubai. It’s funny when I look back on that moment, when I think about it I have a good chuckle remembering myself as a 20-year-old with dyed hair and both a nose and eyebrow piercing that has now been professionally transformed into the successful flight attendant that I am today.

It was my training at CTC helped me to produce a positive professional image that made me stand out among others. This was extremely true at my first Flight Attendant job with Sunwing Airlines. Out of thousands of applicants I was 1 of 500 to be chosen for an in-person interview. At the time I was so nervous, but remembered my training, and the flight attendant interviewing me was really interested that I took the CTC program and wanted to know more. I shared my knowledge with her and she was blown away by how much I already knew. With that, I received the position as a flight attendant, and my CTC training helped to prepare me mentally for my 8-week initial training. We would train every day from 9AM-5PM and had many exams to follow up our knowledge. It sounds scary, but you just have to focus and think back to your CTC training and as always, be on time, and you’ll be set up for success!

After 2 years of Sunwing, getting both my European Cabin Crew License and Canadian License, I decided to take a leave to pursue other travel interests and during that time I got offers from British Airways, Emirates, WestJet, Air Canada, Air Transat and Flair Airlines. It was outstanding how much I stood out and was offered so many interviews. During my break I was offered a position with Princess Cruise Lines to become a cruise director as they really liked that I attended CTC. Unfortunately, after submitting all the paperwork, I didn’t get a visa in time. So, I decided to try out the hotel industry which was a really exciting experience, working the Front Desk and engaging with the guests. The hotel loved that I attended CTC and have a passion for traveling and tourism. Shortly after, to my surprise, Air Canada Rouge phoned me and conducted a phone interview and I passed and was invited to attend an in-person interview. I was completely shocked, as I had applied 4 years ago back in 2014 when the airline was just starting. Attending CTC gave me the confidence to walk into the room full of thousands of applicants and stand out to be only 1 of 80 to receive a position with them as a Flight Attendant. The best part was I remembered back to my CTC training and all the mock one-on-one and group interviews that we did to prepare me for this moment. I am very pleased and proud to be a part of the Air Canada family and to represent our country!

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