CTC Alumni Feature: Nathan Elander, Flight Attendant Pt. 2

I love working with Air Canada Rouge as a Flight Attendant or as they we like to call it “Rouge Crew”! My co-workers and management are so friendly, positive and outgoing. We are all about having fun and making the most of every moment. Part of our training takes us to Disneyland where we learn how to engage and make magical moments for guests onboard and make everyone feel like a VIP – a “Very Important Passenger.” We have three aircrafts in our fleet, the Airbus A319, Airbus A321 and the Boeing 767-300 Extended Range. I really enjoy flying on the Boeing 767 as it has two isles and the galley is huge in the back of the aircraft; it is just so spacious. During initial training, they train you to become the in charge of a flight and I’ve only been with the company for almost a year now and have already been bumped up to being in charge of the flight. It is such a thrilling experience when you’re in charge of 300 people and relying on your training. I really enjoying working up in Premium Economy which we call “Premium Rouge” where I can put my own flare on the service and make it extra special for those passengers.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel and have amazing layovers in places I never thought I’d ever see, such as Maui, Honolulu, Osaka, Las Vegas, Orlando, Cancun and Barbados. Those are just some of the places I’ve gotten to fly to. This summer will be Ireland, Spain and Venice which is super exciting. As well after two years of service, I can apply for Air Canada’s mainline and keep my seniority for even more exciting routes and aircrafts such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. (Fun fact: When I attended CTC and we had the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Boeing Factory in Seattle, the very first Dreamliners were being made and the one we saw was for Air Canada.) My wonderful instructors during my initial training were so wonderful, funny, and very knowledgeable, which helped us to succeed in passing our exams.

Here’s a typical day to day of my job if I was doing a turn from Vancouver to Phoenix: Wake up and get ready, drive to the Air Canada Centre and park and take the Skytrain to the airport to the crew room. Check-in with management and my crew and check my mail box and the news bulletins. Head through security to the gate as one crew which we call the one crew concept meaning we all stick together. Board the aircraft, a Boeing 767 where there are 6 flight attendants and a pilot and co-pilot, and do our safety and security checks, count catering and prepare for boarding. Once boarding has begun we are engaging and greeting every passenger with a friendly welcome in both English and French and a warm smile. Once boarding is completed we prepare the cabin, close the overhead bins and ensure everyone is seated. Once the main boarding door is closed and the aircraft has pushed back we do our safety demonstration in both English and French and do a final cabin check and take our jump seats for takeoff. (This is my favourite part, when the engines rev up and we take off.) Once in the air and the seatbelt sign comes off we begin our services, starting with iPad service, handing them out to passengers to rent to watch movies and TV. Then we head out to do drink and onboard cafe food service. Once completed we celebrate any special occasions happening with passengers onboard. Then if there are any children onboard that would like to help us out, we ask them to come and help us do a water service to hand out water. Then we prepare the aircraft for landing and take our seats. Once landed and at the gate we “Thank” every passenger and wish them a pleasant vacation. Then we turn around and come back home to Vancouver doing the same things. I really like working for Air Canada Rouge as a Flight Attendant!

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