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Student Blog: Where to Travel Next by Laura Robins

During World destinations in our Travel and Tourism course we have learned about a vast number of attractions and destinations we had no previous knowledge of. I’ve asked a few of my classmates to share one attraction or destination they have learned about, would like to visit and why it appeals to them.


The Blue Lagoon in Iceland


Maica would like to travel to Iceland, she learned that this unique country is covered in glaciers. It’s so unique because the glaciers are responsible for carving out the landscape, where as the majority of other countries have it happen as a result of earthquakes. She would like to see the Blue Lagoon in Iceland for its mineral enriched waters, algae and silica and that its really good for your complexion.


A close-up of tulips


Crystal plans to make it to the Netherlands someday. She’s learned about their gorgeous tulips and how they have the largest flower garden in the world, The Keukenhof.


Views in israel


Scotty would enjoy visiting Israel. He has always had a different impression of what the country was like but through world destinations he has learned that it is so much different. It is rich in history and that makes it very appealing since Scotty is a history buff.


Photo of Bora Bora

Me? I’d like to go to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. It’s been rated the most beautiful island in the world. I’d like to see the turquoise lagoon, the coral reef and to stay in one of their amazing luxury resorts.

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