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Student Blog: World Destinations by Laura Robins

The past couple of months have been extra busy. The World Destinations modules have been a lot of researching, studying, memorizing and tests/exams. It’s been a bit overwhelming with the amount of researching various attractions and the trying to memorize the countries and cities in the continents. Despite all the work, I’ve personally learned a great deal about the world we live in. I didn’t think I could memorize a map but somehow managed to memorize multiple. There are so many interesting attractions to visit that I didn’t even know existed before taking the World Destinations modules.

Student Presentations in World Destinations class

In our final week we were given the task to find unique cultural experiences throughout the world, do a presentation on it and an activity involving class participation. No one could choose the same thing; every presentation was different. We learned how to do elegant Japanese calligraphy, laughed our way through a German inspired relay for Oktoberfest, tasted traditional Gistkaas food, learned traditional parts of a Japanese dance and so much more. Aside from all the fun activities, we educated each other about culture, history and beliefs of many countries. A lot of knowledge was acquired that we previously didn’t have and will make us better in future sales/marketing positions in the travel and tourism industry. If I had to choose to witness firsthand one of the topics presented, I’d chose the Taiwan lantern festival. It looks magical with it’s lights and elaborate decorations/lanterns. It seems like a beautiful event to experience. To my classmates, you all did fantastic presentations, thank you for teaching me new and exciting things.

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