Kelsie taking a selfie in the snow in Saskatchewan

Alumni Post: Kelsie Meaden, Travel and Tourism Graduate and World Traveller.

I’m Kelsie, I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada and I’m a graduate of the Travel and Tourism diploma program at CTC. I graduated in November of 2013 and since then I have worked in Costa Rica, studied Spanish in Spain, travelled all over the world, and scored a job zipping through the Boreal forest and hanging out in the trees in Saskatchewan.

Before enrolling at CTC, I was working a desk job that I hated in Saskatoon. I wasn’t fulfilled in my job, or in turn my personal life, and knew I needed to do something different. I had applied for a position with Tourism Saskatoon, and although I just missed out on getting that job, it gave me some insight into what I wanted to do.

I started looking immediately at tourism programs in many schools all over Canada. CTC caught my eye because of their specialized and short programs. I wasn’t at a place in my life where I wanted to commit to years of school, so the fact that I could graduate in 8 months with a diploma was very appealing. Plus, the Vancouver campus drew me in, as I had wanted to move to Vancouver for some time.

My first day at CTC I knew I made the right choice. I loved everything from the classes to the other students I met from all over the world in my classes, a few of whom are still my very close friends. For the first time I was learning things I actually wanted to learn; geography, designing tours, etc. The field trips to tourist places around Vancouver didn’t hurt either.

Kelsie in Vancouver, Australia and Costa Rica


Kelsie in Myanmar and India

My studies at CTC flew by and soon it was time to start looking into a practicum. The school organizes practicums within the city of Vancouver, but I wanted to go abroad. Although it’s not the policy to help students obtain practicums abroad, my instructor Don was very helpful and encouraging.

I found an internship in a hotel in Costa Rica, and a few days after graduation I was on my way. My internship in Costa Rica led me in a roundabout way to the job I have now at Treeosix Adventure Parks in Saskatchewan, so I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t have the job I love without CTC.

I get work for about 9 months a year with great people in the outdoors, and then travel for the other months. What could be more perfect for a graduate of Travel and Tourism?

I recently started a website about my travels as well as my time exploring Saskatchewan. Check it out here – – or on Instagram @kelsiespassport


Kelsie in New Zealand and Australia


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