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Instructor Blog: What to Expect from Business Classes at CTC Pt. 3

When students sign up for the Microsoft Office – Business Management program one of the first questions they ask is, “How is the class taught?”

Microsoft Office Business ClassThis is a great question because it shows that people care about their education. My answer to them is simple, generally adults like to learn by doing hands-on activities. From past experience I would say that 80% of our students prefer to learn by doing projects. During class students receive instruction on a particular topic and then move on to create work based on the topic we just covered. A perfect example is with Excel. Many students are intimidated by Excel but it’s the one application employers ask the college to spend the most time on. During the two-week section students learn how do create budgets, use formulas, create charts, conditional formatting and so much more. Alumnae have often come back commenting how the assigned projects helped them prepare for the real-world projects they are expected to handle.

Public speaking is also a large part of the business class. Students tend to learn a topic much more thoroughly when they have to present it to their peers. We spend two weeks during the Business Communications module preparing students for sales meetings, effective presentations and business language essentials. For many this proves to be their first foray with business and for others it is an opportunity to sharpen previously learned skills.

I look forward to having you in class and hearing about your business experience or business goals.

Martin Presse
MOB Instructor – Canadian Tourism College

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