Spirit Day photos

Student Blog: The Importance of Fun by Laura Robins

The importance of fun is something every institution should remember. When you break the everyday curriculum to make time for fun you will notice happier students, who in return will have fewer absent days, will work harder, pay greater attention and be in an all-around positive mood which will impact their experience at that school and show potential students how great your educational institution can be.

On Wednesday, May 2nd, Canadian Tourism College invited their students to have fun by having a “Spirit day”. Students were welcome to get out of their uniforms and dress comfortably in school colour inspired attire to show their pride for CTC. On top of that there was a campus-wide potluck. Everyone brought a little something to share with their fellow classmates, CTC contributed to the feast and we all got together for lunch. It was a great opportunity to mingle with students we didn’t get to normally see or talk to. Our lunch was accompanied by a show. The nursing students performed a number of choreographed dances for our entertainment followed by the Travel and Tourism class who also choreographed a surprise dance performance. Both classes did a fantastic job, well done.

It’s little things like having “Spirit day” that can turn the stressful week of a student into a more enjoyable one. We are fortunate here that CTC does these kinds of activities for their students. Always remember the importance of having fun in everything you do, it’s good for the mind, body and soul.

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