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Instructor Blog: Why Hospitality? by John Fiorini

I have a running joke with the admissions staff at the Vancouver campus, I always will try to convince any prospective student to enroll in the hospitality program. Truth be told, all the programs are great at CTC, however, I am a huge advocate for the program that I teach. I believe that our program provides our students with the necessary theory that is found in lectures and textbooks, married with the wealth of experience from the instructors who teach the program. I believe that the two key pillars in the hospitality field are the ability to work well in a team environment and to solve problems that arise during the day to day operations quickly and competently.

I sound like a broken record at times when I speak of the importance of being able to excel in a team environment. This skill is transferable to all types of businesses, not solely the hospitality industry. It is a skill that we take for granted and one that is not appreciated until you are part of a team that is not meeting its potential.

As for problem solving, it is the number one skill that employers seek when hiring people for their business. The ability to have the confidence and wherewithal to make a quick decision, is the fabric of a highly successful business. Most people easily forget the situations when problems were successfully solved but they can always tell you when their expectations were not met.

These are just a couple of reasons as to why I am so passionate about the hospitality industry and will continue to rally support for the hospitality program at CTC.

John Fiorini, Hospitality Instructor, Vancouver Campus


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