Instructor Blog: Inside the Travel and Tourism Classroom Pt 2 by Lori Albina

What do Sugar Skulls, K-Pop and Indian Weddings have in common?

They are all cultural presentations introduced to the class in the World Destinations module! Students did a great job presenting these topics as they had to have an “audience involvement” component and of course be fun!!

We were instructed in Japanese origami, decorated sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos and learned about a creepy “Island of Dolls” in Mexico. The students also created beautiful Filipino “parols” and were introduced to Christmas traditions in the Philippines (and yes, we listened to Christmas music in June!). Our “crafting” continued when we visited the Caribbean and had a competition for the best Carnival mask.

The winner was crowned and even won a prize! Then off we went to exotic India to create wedding invitations and to participate in a “Find the ring” game. The week wasn’t complete without trying to weave a Persian rug and of course a class K-Pop dance routine!  No, no pictures of this one….What happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom!!! A very busy week, but wonderful class involvement, great learning and a lot of fun!!

Lori Albina, Travel and Tourism Instructor, Vancouver Campus

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