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Instructor Blog: The Travel and Tourism Classroom Pt 1 by Lori Albina

It’s always fun starting a new class. The classroom and materials are ready and all that remains is meeting the new students who will make up “the class.”

The students come from different backgrounds and experiences, but have a common interest in the Travel and Tourism industry. Some dream of being tour guides, working on cruise ships in the Caribbean or working for an airline. Others are interested in one day creating and packaging their own tours or working for an established tour company or travel agency. Some see themselves working at a downtown hotel or luxurious resort.

Classroom at Vancouver Campus

But when I meet the class for the first time and we introduce ourselves, the reality is that most don’t REALLY know where they want to be in the tourism industry. They only know that it is exciting, dynamic and global and they want to be a part of it!

Some are coming to the program with traveling experience and knowledge and others want travel to be a part of their future.

Many students are nervous and unsure as to what the classroom environment will be like. Will it be fun? Boring? Too much work or not challenging enough? What I have learned from teaching tourism for many years is that each class is unique. We spend a lot of time together in a common goal so we become like a family. Sure, maybe an unusual and sometimes dysfunctional family but a family just the same!

Personalities and a sense of humour come out very quickly and friendships are made. Birthdays are celebrated and many students see each other socially after class time.

My current class is still fresh and new and I look forward to our journey together!

Lori Albina, Travel and Tourism Instructor, Vancouver Campus

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