Students working on a project together

Student Blog: Learning Invaluable Skills by Monica Solis

Have you ever felt scared when you had to do public speaking? This fear is something I have experienced firsthand. When I started the Microsoft Office program, I was afraid to stand in front of the class. I lacked confidence in myself as we started the business communications course (this business communications course is a course we do in combination with Microsoft Office). Business communications focuses on team work, conflict resolution and improving public speaking skills. I learned a lot about myself in regard to who I am throughout the business communications course. I also learned to be more confident, to work in a team and see other people’s perspectives.

I have many great memories with my fellow classmates. One of my favourite memories was when we had to create an island as part of a group project. We were a very small class and putting all our ideas together was great. Our island was called “Steqoye” which means wolf. I learned how to work with my team to overcome problems and understand their ideas, opinions and views. The business communication course has taught me team-work skills that are invaluable. The Microsoft Office courses, where we learned how to use the software, were a little dry. However, our instructor, Isabel, made the courses so much fun. Her effort and dedication made me come to class and made me want to learn more. I can not believe I am almost done the Tourism program and how confident I feel as I start my journey in the Tourism industry. I am ready to take over the world!


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