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Student Blog: Technology and Business Management by Laura Robins

Technology is the future. It is in constant change therefore one needs to know how to use it and to use it well. This especially relates to the workplace. There are many different programs a person will have need for in their career, some might be simple while others more challenging.

June has arrived and we have said goodbye to Travel and Tourism and hello to the Business Management portion of our course. In business management we will be learning about how to use various computer programs such as Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Our class was split because of our start dates but we reunited to start PowerPoint. So far we have learned how to navigate around it, change and modify slides and the importance of how your presentation looks as it impacts how your audience pays attention or loses interest. When giving a PowerPoint presentation it is important not to put too much information on your slides as it is you that your audience needs to listen and pay attention to, YOU are the presentation. Thank you to our new instructor Andy for teaching us the importance of that. We will be given the opportunity to put all our PowerPoint skills into use by creating a presentation based on hotel management, travel and tourism or event management. We get the chance to let our creativity out and show our fellow classmates what we have learned in PowerPoint as well as educating them on a topic that interests us.

There will be a lot more to learn as the summer continues. The skills we are learning will be a great assistance when it comes time to start our practicum placements. Some of the computer work can be confusing and frustrating but having these essential skills will definitely pay off for our future careers.


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