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Student Blog: Final Months at CTC by Laura Robins

We are getting into our final couple of months at Canadian Tourism College. A lot is happening right now. We have just completed Microsoft Word in our business management class and had a lot of fun with our project for this module. The class was set with the task of creating a tri-fold brochure from scratch (no templates allowed!) on anything related to Travel and Tourism. The results were spectacular. Everyone created something unique and beautiful. I am impressed and proud of how much my classmates have grown and accomplished so far. Their skills are excelling and shining through wonderfully with each new project we are given.

The exams are becoming more challenging as we continue but our business management instructor, Andy Caswell, is setting us up for success. His cheerful, positive, can-do attitude makes for an optimal learning environment as we dive into Business Communications. In this new module our project is to work together in groups to create our very own business ideas. There is a lot of work in this module, but we can rely on each other for support and help to get through it all successfully.

Student Blog - Laura Robins Final Months at CTC

Learning Through Practicum

Part of our Travel and Tourism Business Management Diploma is to complete a practicum within the Travel and Tourism industry. Normally this takes place after the classroom portion is finished but under special circumstances we are starting during our studies and will be finished sooner. The class has been set up in various establishments in the industry, including the airport, hotels, travel agencies and tourist attractions. I have had the wonderful opportunity to do my practicum at a travel agency and am thrilled to learn about what it takes to work there and about what they do. I am sure I will learn a tremendous amount while working there and the experience that I will acquire will be a huge asset to careers to come.


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