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Student Blog: All Good Things Must Come to an End by Laura Robins

As the year comes to a close …

This will be my final blog as a Canadian Tourism College student. My time here is just about at its end. It has been quite the journey over the past year. I have met some amazing individuals who have become like one big family to me.

The first intake group of students are finished so we have lost the majority of the class as they start their practicums. The second group (my group) will not be far behind. We have two modules left, Strata and Outlook. As the end draws nearer it seems like the modules are becoming more work in a shorter amount of time. While some of us (myself included) have been starting our practicums already on top of that it has been a bit of a stressful and busy summer. However to think that we are so close to being done and having a diploma makes it worth it.

I am curious to see where our education will take each of us. What skills have we learned or improved upon that will help us land our ideal careers? What field of travel and tourism will interest us the most? We will confidently discover those answers and much more with the knowledge we’ve obtained while at CTC.

Instructors and classmates

To future students, I recommend to you the instructors. Lori Albina and Andy Caswell have been remarkable throughout the program. They have guided us to succeed in the course work that will ultimately help us with our future careers. They care. They give you so much valuable knowledge and work hard to help make things clear and understandable. They want you to prosper. They make class as fun as they can which makes for an enjoyable environment. They want you to leave here with every skill they can help you achieve. So thank you Lori and Andy, you’ve made this crazy year a delightful one.

To my classmates, I hope for all the best for you, may what you’ve learned and the new friends you’ve made lead you on a beautiful adventure. Cherish the memories you have made this year as you start the next chapter of your lives. Remember the world is just too big to stay in one place, explore it, find new adventures and happiness and live a wonderful life. I will sincerely miss you all.

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