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Student Blog: It Keeps Getting Better by Eden King

It has now been 4 months since I first started going to this school and honestly it just keeps getting better as time goes on. Some days I look forward to coming here, and who can really say that about school really? Coming to this school, it is an amazing learning experience without the stress and pressure collecting on your shoulders like at some other schools.

In the month of August, our school had its first school barbecue at Second Beach. Both the Vancouver and Surrey Campuses participated and we played lots of fun games like Capture the Flag, and had lots of other fun activities like a Sandcastle Building Contest, Volleyball, Badminton, and more. My favorite part was the food! The hot dogs were amazing, I couldn’t help but go for seconds. The event was so amazing because we students got to bond with the staff outside of school, and we got to meet with other students from different classes and from the other campus.

I hear we may have something fun coming up this Halloween, and I am super excited to find out what is in store.

I will forever be happy with my decision to come to this school and recommend it to anyone, I can because I know they would not regret their choice. This is me signing off. Thank you for reading. Hasta Luego!!

Eden is a Travel & Tourism Business Management Diploma Program student. Discover more about the program here.

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