Student Blog: Making Dreams a Reality by Frank Vo

The quote “The best things happen unexpectedly” sums up my journey with CTC perfectly. I came to Canada 12 months ago not knowing where to live or what school to go to. However, I did know my goal which is to work in the hotel industry. A family friend recommended CTC and I became part of the college only 2 days after that friend recommended the school. The rest of my journey was absolutely amazing. During my program, I learned about traits required to succeed in the hospitality industry. These traits include people skills, professionalism, accountability, and the willingness to learn. The more I learn about hospitality, the more I find these principles helpful. CTC provided not just for me, but for all students a warm and friendly environment with a small class size. I totally loved the environment and classroom. The fact that students got the chance to interact closely with each other, as well as the instructors, is great. Working closely with other classmates, as well as instructors, helped me develop skills and made the learning experience so much better. I found the curriculum and teaching program to be work-related and valuable. Since I got to learn about practical things that will be useful in the workplace, I can be confident when heading out into the workplace.

The pace at CTC is, to be honest, not slow at all. Students must focus and work hard to successfully pass the courses. But that does not take away from all of the fun and excitement I had in my journey. I made tons of great friends, not to mention hundreds of good memories that will easily make me smile when I remember them in the future. The story would not be complete without the amazing instructors at CTC; it was my pleasure to learn from Isabel, Patrick and Gwynne. All of them were absolutely brilliant, they taught me so many things. They always believed in me during the journey. I really respect what every single one of them has taught me.

Frank Vo Hospitality Student at the campus

When I had just started my program at CTC, working for Sheraton was a dream of mine that I could never have imagined would come true so soon. But CTC is that magician who makes a dream a reality. I will be starting a job at Sheraton as a front-desk agent shortly and was hired while still completing my program! I will always remember and value what I was taught at CTC and the friends that went through this journey with me. I will also always be grateful to the amazing instructors that helped me develop my skills, increase my knowledge and overcome my weaknesses. 12 months have passed by and I cherish every learning moment in this school. Now I can take on whatever challenges I may face in the future because I know that I got the proper training. Thanks to CTC, I am ready for the exciting career that is beginning!

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