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Careers in Tourism–What you Should Know

Are you curious about a career in tourism and want to know more? We have the information you need! Read on to learn a few things about what to expect from a career in tourism.

You control your destiny

Tourism is a varied industry with many unique career opportunities available. Whether you prefer working indoors or outdoors, 9-5 or on a flexible schedule, truly anything is possible! Some people choose to take seasonal work, and with some clever saving skills, take a few months off when the season ends. You have the choice to pursue the position that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

You can choose from a variety of sectors

“Tourism” is a broad term that includes many areas of specialization. The five primary sectors are accommodation, food and beverage, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. There are so many options! Some examples of jobs in tourism include: front desk agent, banquet server, flight attendant, trade show guide, director of sales/marketing, catering manager, director of human resources or event manager. Check out this helpful page from go2HR for an extensive list of popular jobs and their descriptions.

The tourism industry is best suited to people who like people!

If you are a passionate person and enjoy working with people who are too, this is the career for you. Most people work in this sector because of their interest in people, culture, travel, and/or the environment, and are excited to share their knowledge and help provide unforgettable experiences to customers. A job in tourism is an opportunity to affect the lives of others, though helping them discover something new and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

You won’t be stuck

Not only can you switch from one specialization to another as you grow and change within the industry, you will also have transferable skills that can help you find employment in any industry. The skills that you learn and develop in tourism are transferable and help you in other areas of life. For example, customer service, organization and management skills are all invaluable and can take you places in pretty much every industry out there.

Tourism is a growth industry

Based on industry growth patterns and retirement BC’s tourism industry will need 106,000 more workers in the next 10 years. This shows that there is more than enough opportunity to find employment and to grow within the industry. Recent data also shows that tourism contributes approximately $4.8 billion to the Metro Vancouver economy annually and supports over 70,000 full time jobs.* Vancouver, and Canada in general, are a great place to be to start your career in tourism, but ultimately this path could take you anywhere in the world! Are you ready to join?

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