Goal Setting for the New Year

It’s almost 2019, and you know what that means. Inevitably, someone is going to ask you what your New Year’s resolutions are. It’s likely that one or more of your resolutions involve self-improvement, such as “eat healthier”, “read more books” or “study more efficiently”. While these are all great objectives, it is a well-known fact that it can prove difficult to stick to our resolutions throughout the year. So how can we set goals that we can actually achieve?

Break it down. Breaking down big goals into several smaller, manageable goals is a tried and true technique for achieving almost anything. For example, “become a travel consultant” is a big goal with many steps involved, so try writing down each step you can think of to get you there, and give each a timeline. In this example, it could include steps such as “request information from college”, “meet with an admissions advisor”, “register for classes”, and “start new college program”. Over time you will see yourself getting closer and closer to realizing that big goal.

Support System. Surrounding yourself with people who are driven and goal-oriented is one way to stay motivated. This is especially true if these people are going through the same thing as you with a common end goal. These are the type of people that you can discuss your goals with and receive support from when you’re feeling stuck. A support system can mean the difference between powering through and giving up.

Habit. Having scheduled classes and deadlines for assignments help to keep you on track. Have you ever found that you are much more likely to show up to something you have signed up for ahead of time? That you are much more likely to keep pursuing something if there are other people around to hold you accountable? Getting into the habit of showing up to the same places and completing tasks at the same time each day make it easier to reach your goals. The hardest part is establishing the habit in the first place. So write the habit you want to establish on the fridge so you see it every morning, sign up for a class, or ask a friend to hold you accountable.

Balance. Sure, increasing your knowledge and starting a new career are admirable things to work on. But life can’t be all work and no play. Having time for yourself is important, whether it be to watch your favourite TV show, spend time with a friend, or go for a walk. Look after yourself, and don’t forget to find enjoyment in achieving your resolutions. You’ll feel great once you get there.

Have a great 2019 everyone!

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