3 Reasons to Book with Airbnb when you Travel

There are plenty of accommodation options available to you when planning a trip. With a variety of hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and homestays available, what makes Airbnb stand out? Here are our top 3 reasons why booking an Airbnb could be the best option for your next trip:


There is no shortage of options when booking with Airbnb. Whether it’s a chic condo in the heart of the city, a cabin deep in the woods or a mansion shaped like a seashell, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for. You also have the power to choose whether you would prefer an entire place to yourself, a private home with shared common areas, or stay in a shared space. These options make it possible to create an accommodation experience that suits your budget. Airbnb is also a great option when looking for accommodations for a large group. A group booking at a hotel will likely have people separated into different rooms in smaller groups. With Airbnb, it’s possible to rent an entire house and have the whole family, or party, stay in one place together.

Get More for Less

Booking a place through Airbnb often means you get quite a bit more space than you would from your typical hotel stay. Instead of a bedroom, a bathroom and a mini fridge, you will often have these amenities and more, including a full kitchen and living room. This means that you have the option to prepare food yourself, so that you don’t have to spend a lot of money eating out every night. Buying groceries on a vacation can actually be a great opportunity to get to know the neighborhood, contribute to the local economy, and experience some of the best local produce and other delicacies! Speaking of local, your Airbnb host is usually happy to provide you with advice on what to see and do in the area. Hotels will also provide you with information on the area, but usually have partnerships with specific companies that they tend to promote.



You can also use the Airbnb website to book experiences, which are designed and led by locals. These experiences include all sorts of unique activities such as walking tours, classes and workshops. Those who lead the experiences do not necessarily also host a home on Airbnb, it is an opportunity for locals to share their interests and skills while you get to learn something new. These experiences usually last a few hours and can easily be found when searching a specific city or area.

Ready to book your first Airbnb? Here are some quick tips:

  1. Read the reviews. Reading what other people have to say about their stay will tell you a lot about what staying there might be like for you. You might be able to find more details on noise level, mattress comfort, any extra amenities, etc.
  2. Look through the photos. In this case,  you can judge a book by it’s cover. It’s good to go through the photos to get a sense of what you are in for. Photographs can help you double check things such as sleeping arrangements, kitchen size and views.
  3. First time? Book with a superhost. These are highly rated hosts who have gained plenty of hosting experience and great reviews, and are a safe bet when booking your Airbnb.


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